DIY Side split top!


I have seen these tops around recently in shops like new look, river island etc. and I really liked the look of them, so I decided to make one of my own! I Bought a bodycon dress from a charity shop in my town, I love the tie dye effect it has. It was only £2 as well so it was a bargain!

This is an easy DIY to do at home if you have any old dresses like this that you don’t wear any more or you could do the same as me and look around for a similar one in a charity shop!

This is what the dress looked like before I started:


Firstly, I put the dress inside out so that when I was cutting it I would be able to follow the seams and get a straight, neater looking cut.


Then I began to cut along the seams of the top, I did this on both sides. Before doing this I tried the top on to see how high I wanted the splits and did a faint line with a marker so I knew when to stop cutting.


After I finished cutting I tried the top on again to see if I was happy with the results and to check if there was any parts that I needed to neaten up.

I hope you liked this DIY, let me know in the comments if you are going to try this yourself! 🙂




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