Shop my stash!

I have seen a few of these videos on Youtube called ‘shop my stash’ The idea of it is that you go through your make up and you find things that you may not have used yet or things that you used to love and don’t use as much any more, and try to start using them again!

So I thought it would be fun to do a blog post about it! I have mixed it up a bit in mine and included other things such as clothes and hair products. I’m sure this has been done before but I thought I would do it too as I don’t really have that many makeup products that I don’t use.

Anyway on to the post…


The first thing I would like to talk about is the lovely top that I purchased from Primark a few months back. I haven’t actually worn this yet so I thought it would be perfect to include in this post. It is so pretty and I love the frill along the bottom, it would look so cute with a pair of leggings or some skinny jeans and I just cant wait to wear it. I’m not sure why I haven’t worn it yet I think I actually forgot about it to be honest. This is definitely going to the front of my wardrobe so I don’t forget about it again!

The second item is a Mascara from the ‘George’ range in asda. It is called ‘Big flirt’ and it says on it that it has a thickening effect. I bought this so long ago and I still haven’t used it, I usually use W7 Lashtastic mascara but when I saw this on offer I got it to try it out.


This is what my eyelashes looked like after putting on one coat of it and I have to say, I’m pretty impressed! I have trouble finding mascaras that make my eyelashes look nice and long, and only w7 Lashtastic mascara seems to work for me but I will definitely be using this mascara more!

The third item I chose was Rimmel London sun shimmer instant tan In the shade ‘Medium matte’ It was kind of an impulse buy when I got this. I don’t usually buy instant wash off tans because I am scared it will come off or rain and it will end up looking all patchy. I’m not sure if I will start using this or not, If any of you have ever used this what did you think of it?


Fourth on the list was from Andrew Bartons ‘Hair heroes’ range, a heat protection styling spray. I get quite lazy when it comes to things like this, I don’t straighten my hair too often but when I do I always for get to use heat protection sprays. But as the point of this post is to pick out items that I am going to start using more I am going to put this onto my dressing table and make a point to start using it! I love all my other hair products by Andrew Barton so I am sure I will love this too.


The fifth thing I chose was also a hair product, this is something that I did used to use a lot but since I have had my hair cut short I have stopped using. It is the John Freda Frizz ease Original six effects serum. When I wash and dry my hair it tends to end up quite frizzy so I used to use this and it works really well!


Last on the list was CND cuticle oil. A lady that works in the salon I go to get my hair done gave me this when I was having some problems with my nails. I used it a lot at first and when it made my nails and cuticles feel better I stopped using it. It smells lovely and I am going to try and start using it again because its always good to use some cuticle oil after painting your nails or even just to give your nails a quick refresh!


So that was my shop my stash post! I am going to start trying to use all these products more often.

Do you have any products you have purchased but not used? Or any pre-loved products you used to use but not as much nowadays? Let me know in the comments below!  🙂 x




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