Introducing… me

I was listening to ‘Mouthwash’ by Kate Nash and it inspired me to do this post. I realised that I have not properly introduced myself…

My name is Siobhan but my family call me Bella as a nickname, I live in the U.K and I love to write, shop, take pictures, dance, sing and most of all I love to be happy!

Here are a few more things that I love…

I love starting new projects and having things to work on.. a few months ago I started to teach myself about acrylic and Gel nails. I was really determined to learn about it and so I did…


I love my Partner… this was us on a boat trip on my birthday 🙂 (excuse the face I’m pulling on this picture)


I love… my puppy we cuddle everyday. Whenever I am feeling down she always brings a smile to my face and makes me feel all warm inside.


I love bags.. as you can tell from the picture.


Oh and…


I love shoes!

Hope you liked learning a little more about me, Bye for now 🙂





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