A day in the life of…

Hello everyone!

Today I have been shopping (again)… I took a couple of pictures and some of the things I have bought so I thought I would share them with you!


Firstly I went into superdrug and picked up two of the maybeline ‘baby lips’ lip balms because I have heard a lot about them and I thought I would try them for myself. I get quite dry lips especially in winter so these will be perfect for me!

While I was there I also spotted Zoe’s new beauty range and all the things just looked so pretty I couldn’t resist taking a picture!


Next I went into Primark, I was actually looking for a couple of jumpers but I didn’t see any that I liked. I did get some other little things like accessory hangers and some pillow cases but the main thing I wanted to show you all were these gorgeous lace up flats! I have seen a few pictures of these on tumblr and I fell in love instantly! When I saw them today I just had to get them and they were just £10!


After Primark I went into WHsmith and I picked up Louise Pentlands book!!! I am so excited and I cant wait to read it!


I then went into ‘Dazzle’ a makeup shop that is in my town and I found this!! It is called ‘W7 lip Bomb’ But it looks just like the EOS ones! I don’t think we can get them here in the UK as I haven’t been able to find them so when I found this one I was so excited! Its smells lovely and makes my lips feel so soft- but the main reason I wanted to get it is because I just love how cool they look haha like a little egg.


And lastly because I am obsessed with these shoes I have at the moment I couldn’t resist taking a picture of me wearing them while I was waiting for the train!

Lots of love,



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