Whats in my bag?


On my trip to Meadowhall on Thursday I bought this bag from Primark so I thought I would do a blog post on ‘whats in my bag’ I alternate the bag that I use all the time but these are the things in my bag at the moment!


My purse- This purse is also from Primark, I love the colours and I really like the zip detail. Its perfect for keeping all my essentials in like my cards and money.

Dove hand cream- I always like to keep some hand cream in my bag because my hands are quite dry sometimes and I love the smell of dove!

No7 Compact- This compact also has some eye shadow in but I carry it with me for the mirror, its the perfect size and slots perfectly into my bag.

Hand sanitizer- Its always a good idea to carry a little bottle of hand sanitizer with you! I like the Primark one because it smells good and its only 50p a bottle!

Nspa Raspberry perfume-  It smells so nice, I really love fruity smells and the Nspa raspberry spray is my favorite!

That’s all for now! Love,



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